National Costume (2010)

Hand-dyed linen bodice, Cotton skirt with Peacock feather train, Peacock feather cape, display mannequin and acrylic wig.

190 x 100 x 100 cm

Flag (2010)

Hand-dyed linen, brass eyelets. 100 x 200 x 0.5cm

Festive Street Bunting (2010)

80 metres cotton tape, hand-dyed linen flags)

Travel Posters (2010)

3 x laser print poster collages on mdf backing board

(100 x 70 x 0.5 cm)

The Dressing Up Box (2010)

Film footage shot during a spontaneous performance of The Dressing Up Box at the The Republic of Georgia, Central Art Gallery, Ashton-under-Lyne. December 2010. With many thanks to 3rd year Contemporary Art students at Huddersfield University, December 2010.

The Dressing Up Box (2010)

Clothes to fill; a traveling trunk, suitcase, wooden-framed glass display cabinet, wooden coat pegs and wooden hat stand. Mirror. Variable size

Albert Edward Garfoot (The Day He Left for the Homeland) (2010)

Duratrans print, metal-framed lightbox.

89 x 64 x 14 cm

The Lace Heirlooms (The Red Book, The End is Just the Beginning & The Other Side) (2010)

Antique cotton, lace and beaded artefacts. Variable dimensions

The Umbrella Stand

(Catholics Asthmatics & Stringed Instruments) (2010)

Wooden umbrella stand, wooden walking stick, two shooting sticks. 70 x 100 x 33 cm

The Rabbit and the Hen

(The Amateur Taxidermist) (2010)

Taxidermy rabbit and hen

Georgian Music (2010)

Audio compilation to be piped into Republic of Georgia Installation

The Republic of Georgia Project  2010 - Present

The Republic of Georgia is a mythical museum. The museum has become the metaphor through which to approach my practice. It allows an ordered place to study, view, review and analyse the isolated aspects I am working on, (themes of identity and the subjectivity of the artist-self), and I have access to a metaphorically limitless storage capacity for future development. The museum has many rooms and the function of these rooms can be changed as required; from studio to gallery to laboratory to theatre to lecture theatre to class room or store room. In this way I am able to retain the notion of flux. The concept and context of the museum stands for, and allows for, a collection of work and ideas to be gathered together, maintaining an unrestricted and boundless cycle of research and making of artwork. Within this framework, concepts and theories can be continually added, developed and re-developed, like the moving of the furniture to change the function of a room. Indeed the vision of the museum itself has changed since it’s conception. In the beginning, I imagined the museum to be Victorian, gothic, grand and imposing. This vision – undoubtedly influenced by the location in which I was making the installation The Republic of Georgia – has given way to a more functional, industrial space; an interconnecting structure of functional rooms and corridors that house a comprehensive and chronological documentation of my work. It has become a more complex structure, less formal, with a reliance on the interconnecting rooms – possibly signifying the more interdisciplinary, experimental approach that I am now able to have towards my practice. Thus, the museum archive remains a work in progress and is subject to development.

World Fair. Republic of Georgia (Expo 2011)


World Fair. Republic of Georgia (Expo 2011)

Republic of Georgia (National Costume Detail) Right profile

World Fair. Republic of Georgia (Expo 2011)

Republic of Georgia (National Costume Detail) Left profile

Georgian Music (CD) 2010

(Track Listing)

1. Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia (New York, August 17, 1932) – Baron Lee & The Blue Rhythm Band

2. Georgia On My Mind – Billie Holiday

3. Rainy Night In Georgia (Remastered) – Brook Benton

4. Watermelon Time In Georgia – Carl Mann

5. I'm Going to Georgia – Carolina Tar Heels

6. Bringing In the Georgia Mail – Charlie Monroe

7. Georgia Lee Brown – Jackie Lee Cochran

  1. 8.Sweet Georgia Brown – Ken Johnson's Rhythm Section

9. Going Back to Georgia – Mance Lipscomb

10. Georgia On My Mind – The Quintet of The Hot Club of France featuring Django Reinhardt & Stephane Grappelli

11. At a Georgia Camp Meeting – Sousa's Band

12. Georgia On My Mind – Toots Thielemans

13. Peach Pickin' Time Down In Georgia – Various Artists - JSP Records

14. At a Georgia Camp Meeting – 52 Key French Gasparini Carousel Organ

The First Installation of The Republic of Georgia

Solo Exhibition Central Art Gallery, Old Street, Ashton-under Lyne, 24th September – 4th December 2010.

Photographed by Shaw & Shaw © Shaw & Shaw (2010)

Postcards (2010)

18 x inkjet printed postcard collages (10.5 x 14.8 cm), wooden-framed, felt-lined, glass-fronted display case. 121 x 73 x 8.5cm

Click here to see individual cards

The Dressing Up Box (2010)

The Dressing Up Box is an interactive performance where gallery visitors are invited to dress up in the clothes on display.

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